Grace Lucchesi
Age: 17
She's often mistaken for a bully because she has an infamous death glare. In reality, Grace is kind and has a rare 'sunshine' smile that she gives to only one special person. She has quite a bit of an attitude, but uses it to protect herself.

Michael Choi
Age: 17
He's a genius for his age and has been first in his class ever since he entered school. Mike is very popular with the girls but only pursues Grace. He is a mellow guy and much more calm under stress. He's is a big time soccer player.

Jack Orsino
Age: 17
A carefree, energetic guy. He's popular with the ladies and rivals Mike. He's also pretty smart but only in the top ten percent when compared to Mike. Even so, he is a hard worker but has made some big mistakes in life. He's also quite the talented artist and athlete.